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Mashhad / Vakil Abad Blvd / Corner of Sayyad Shirazi Street

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Pars Hotel Mashhad is located on a land of 5 hectares in the west of the city and on the edge of Vakil Abad Blvd. The hotel was built in 1995 and was built in 1999 to connect two residential units with each other and the central building, which includes reception of restaurants, conference halls, banquet halls, sports complexes and more. Designed and implemented.
In February 2000, the construction of the central building was completed and, since 1382, the operation of the hotel began and began to be developed until 1384. In 2009, in order to create the well-being of guests and pilgrims and adjacent members of Imam Reza (AS) along with the lake, the project was to create a traditional restaurant and Iranian home and children's play park, which was launched within a short time. The hotel also has 227 rooms of space Residents are prepared to cater to the pilgrims and dear passengers.

  • 22 double rooms
  • 16 double luxury rooms
  • 27 double suites double
  • 156 Double Suite Suite
  • 6 Double Suite Royal Suite
  • Modern amphitheater
  • Open-air amphitheater
  • Multipurpose hall
  • conference room
  • 2 banquet halls
  • Pavilion and green space
  • Lotus Restaurant
  • Traditional restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Roman Service
  • gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Spa
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Billiard hall
  • 2 Kort Squash
  • Darts room
  • Rowing
  • Fishing
  • Internet in all hotel rooms
  • Cafe
  • Commercial stands
  • Tejarat Bank
  • cab
  • Distance to Shrine: 15 Km
  • Distance to bus stop: 10 km
  • Distance to train station: 18 km
  • Distance to airport: 25 km
  • The shrine of Imam Reza
  • Ferdowsi's tomb
  • Collegiate collection
  • Vakil Abad Park
  • The tomb of Nadir Shah Afshar